Matilda 20 Southwind Storm Damage
An account as told by the world's worst salesman.

Port stern coaming. This is the biggest structural damage. Long crack and a hole on the end (where the pen is). But it is above the waterline so simple fibreglassing will fix.

Port midship waterline. This is the one that concerns me. It's about a foot long, running from waterline downward. Watertightness unknown.

Corresponding crack on inside port waterline. This may be just delamination of galley bulkhead.

Below that crack, hull is confirmed water tight. Before I discovered the port bucket drain was not sealed, some rainwater got into the interior. That water did not drain on its own.

Motor mount itself is new and still in good condition, only needs replacement plate.
Motor badly bashed up. In the care of a very competent mechanic.
Rudder/tiller AWOL. May yet turn up. Probably no damage (except waterlogging and marine growth).
Pushpit railing torn off, but recovered (needs one new stanchion).
Port bucket drain needs resealing - is not watertight. Rainwater from bucket will drain into interior.

Port cabin top. Minor cracks.

Port gunwale near bow. (Crack under gunwale)

Interior quarterberth under cockpit. Interior bulkheads have come away from hull. Does not affect seaworthiness.

Other than as mentioned, there is no damage to any equipment on the topsides. All standing rigging, mast, boom and any sailing hardware are undamaged and accounted for.

Comes with mainsail, jib, genoa and spinnaker.

Some extras.
Humminbird GPS unit with depth sounder.
New VHF radio.
100W solar panel on cabin roof to recharge battery.
Custom cedar mast storage braces, mast raising crutch.
Interior and exterior cushions.

Also comes on heavy duty twin axle "break back" tralier (approx value $450).